Care for Earth, Care for People, Fair Share

Creating a self-sustainable place with a food forest based on permaculture principles, where we can also host people who need to resource in nature. It’s quite a mouth full, but thís is our dream.

With other words: living green and sustainable, in abundance and connection.

What we like so much about our dream is that it is at the same time an answer to the impoverishment of the soil and desertification (caused by the industrial agriculture) and perhaps even to climate change. But it is also an answer to the human need for connection and new perspectives for the future.

Okay, but what is permaculture?
Permaculture is an innovative framework for creating sustainable ways of living. It is a practical method of developing ecologically harmonious, efficient and productive systems that can be used by anyone, anywhere. Permaculture looks at the whole and how everything influences everything. All permaculture principles are based on three ethical pillars: Care for earth, care for people, faire share. It therefore not only focuses on the environment and agriculture, but also on human society, relationships and prosperity.

And what is a food forest?
A food forest combines agriculture with nature to enable sustainable food production. It is a biodiverse system which also produces food. It is a community of plants created by humans with an extremely high number of edible plants. It relies on perennial plants rather than annual crops. It is a way of producing food which cooperates with nature instead of going against it.

Once a food forest is “up and running” there’s no need to plow, seed, cut back, spray etc, only wondering around and enjoying the abundance of the forest.

What are the benefits of a food forest?
• it enriches the soil
• it brings back the biodiversity
• its ecological resilience and productivity are high
• it holds humidity much longer than monoculture
• it is more resistent to diseases
• it is completely self sustainable
• it is climate change proof

Are you thinking about doing something with permaculture? Do you want to live greener and find a way that suits you? You are more than welcome to visit us! And Marc can help you also online with this. Click here for more information.

Our plans

To get an impoverished monoculture soil back into balance, you first have to put a lot of effort into it.

Each permaculture project is different. At present, good water regulation is one of the most important elements for us. In any case, this is very important during the creation of a food forest. After all, all new plantings must be able to catch on first and therefore need a lot of water. Last fall we had a lot of rain, but this is no guaranty for the seasons to come. Creating rain water reservoirs and drilling a bore hole are an absolute must.

Would you like to help us with this?

Would you enjoy contributing to creating a food forest in one of the driest countries in Europe?
Help turning the desertification problem around?
And at the same time contribute to creating a healthy environment for people who need to resource in nature?
A donation would help us tremendously.

If you like the idea of donating, or if you want further information, please send us a message and we’ll contact you.