Old and new agricultural methods, sustainability, for the world and yourself

Marc and dog Paco on Permaculture farm in Spain

Would you like to turn your garden into a food forest?
Create a living environment which is synchronised with nature?
Or do you want to start an off-the-grid project?
And would you appreciate some help and advice with realising your ideas?

As a Certified Permaculture Designer I can support you with this, online or on location.

Based on your ideas and using permaculture principles, we will explore the possibilities of your piece of land and design in a conscientious, pragmatic and creative manner a natural living environment for you.

I can also advise schools, hospitals and holiday villages on designing and implementing a permaculture plan, and am qualified to teach permaculture at schools and in organisations.

In my past I have had my own companies in the Netherlands and the Czech Republic and worked for years as an independent graphic designer and web designer. During a sabbatical I have worked at a coffee farm on Hawaii, where I discovered the joy of working with nature in a sustainable way.

Subsequently I have worked for years with a company that created ecological vehicles, where I ended up with a burn-out. It was time to take a good look at my life and redirect my course. In this search my desire to live and work with nature became very apparent and has stimulated me to study at the Sustainable Living and Permaculture Design School at the Regenerative Cooperation. Now I am a Certified Permaculture Designer and very happy in my new occupation.

Are you interested, would you like some more information or do you have any questions, please send us a message so I can contact you.

What is actually a food forest? And what is permaculture? Click here for more information.

"Marc has great analytical capacities and a solution-oriented mind. With his critical view, eye for detail and pragmatic approach he has turned our garden in a place of wellbeing, for ourselves but also for the local wildlife. We thoroughly enjoy harvesting from our orchard and berry bushes and are very happy we decided to take Marc on board for the design." (JM Cosséry)

The design of our own Finca Feliz Permaculture Project (You can download it here in a scalable PDF):