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Finca Feliz - Another load of firewood

Another load of firewood to be cut for the winter. We are fortunate that we can go with friends to an abandoned almond grove with a lot of dead trees, which is very slow burning and providing a lot of heat, so perfect for our stove.

Finca Feliz - Gutters on the roof!

The house being flooded a few times due to the unusual amount of rain that falls this year, we decide to install some much needed gutters around the house. And yes, this helps!

Finca Feliz - Salting olives

Anyway, it is also becoming time to harvest olives. These are black, which means they are very ripe, and we salt them. This dries them, they are edible between four to six weeks. We skip the real harvest this year, because we simply have too many other things to do.

We burn huge stacks of old prunings, which have been scattered all over the land for years, since we can’t do anything else with them. Of course we get the bigger pieces off, some more wood for our stove, but the rest goes up in smoke.

Finca Feliz - The beans given to us by our neighbour show themselves!

The beans given to us by our neighbour show themselves!

Finca Feliz - Excavator clearing leaking side of the house

Rainwater continues to seep through one of the side walls of the house, even after mounting the gutters... Earth gathering against this wall is causing it, so we ask an excavator to clear that whole side of the house.

Finca Feliz - the processing of olives continues

In the meantime, the processing of olives continues... Pauline tries all kinds of methods...

Finca Feliz - ‘Rovellones’ (Lactarius sanguifluus)

It has also become mushroom time, we even found the for this area famous and much loved ‘Rovellones’ (Lactarius sanguifluus). They indeed taste very nice.

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