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Finca Feliz - gravel, finally no more dust or mud

After a windy day during the dry season in the summer and the first rains of autumn, we decide to put gravel around the entrance of the house and all the way towards the garage. That helps! No dust and no more mud! And it looks luxurious too!

Finca Feliz - installing the wood stove

After a couple of big autumn showers we realise that it’s important to replace the improvised fireplace which mostly drains out the heat through the chimney by a properly working heat stove. Our clothes got wet a few times, and we want to be able to dry them well and quickly.

Finca Feliz - repairing the chimney

But then we must first repair the chimney...

Finca Feliz - nicely burning wood stove

Yesss... that's better! Look at our stove !

Finca Feliz - Reenforced roof of toilet

Also the roof of the WC is strengthened against the wind and we make a path towards it, quite a cozy corner this way...

Finca Feliz - Some more plants we received as a gift that catch on...

Some more plants we received as a gift that catch on...

Finca Feliz - collecting fire wood

Collecting firewood for the coming winter, no idea how cold it becomes here so better too much than too little…

This video tells enough...

Finca Feliz - Heavy rain, ditch, gutter, water management

After heavy rain we dig a trench across our land and through some walls to guide the water coming from one of our neighbours (who ignores the importance here of water management) past our house and beyond the driveway, because otherwise it is completely submerged and becomes impassable.

Finca Feliz - gravel on the driveway

Son Marek helps to spread a special kind of gravel layer (Tot-Un) on the driveway at those places where most of the puddles are when it rains.

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