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Finca Feliz - regular cleaning of dry compost toilet needs a collection compost bin

A dry compost toilet needs regular cleaning. So time to make a collection spot in which everything can compost well. Nice place in the sun which makes the decay process go fast as a train.

Finca Feliz - Pauline empties the first buckets of poop

Here Pauline empties the first buckets. A job you get used to remarkably fast.

Finca Feliz - Tent for visitors

The bell tent for our guests is set up!

Finca Feliz - suckering the trees

Together with our guests we liberate the trees from the ’suckers’, shoots that sprout at the bottom of the stems.

Finca Feliz - mowing, dry

Little mowing and the whole starts to look already very pleasant. But dry it is, yes… Of course we leave the grass cuttings, because this nourishes the soil.

Finca Feliz - using the suckers to create a natural hedge

We use the collected 'suckers' to create a natural hedge between the main road and our piece of land. It gives a pleasant protected feeling. And a natural hedge offers accommodation for all kinds of little creatures, which are good for the soil.

Finca Feliz - picking figs on a ladder

Our dear friend picks figs on a ladder, in kimono, because the leaves of the figs contain a substance that irritates the bare skin.

Finca Feliz - fig compote

We turn it, among other things, into a fig compote….which must be eaten quickly, however, because at this moment we still lack the opportunity to sterilise properly.

Finca Feliz - waterproofing the garage roof

We waterproof the roof of the garage before the solar panels go on.

Finca Feliz - primitive shower

Making a primitive shower is a snap. With this heat it is certainly not annoying to shower with cold water.

Finca Feliz - the figs keep on coming

And the figs keep on coming!

Finca Feliz - The battery bank, wich in the dark has to provide us with electricity

The battery bank, which has to supply us with power when it’s dark…

Finca Feliz - solar panels on the garage roof

...the solar panels on the garage roof

Finca Feliz - More and more figs!

Even more figs…

Finca Feliz - cut figs, to let them dry faster

…figs figs figs, we cut them in halves so they dry faster.

Finca Feliz - a Thank You in the visitors book

A thank you in the visitor's book, written by our visitors, dear friends.

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