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Finca Feliz - tekenen koopovereenkomst

The 21st of April 2017 we sign the purchase agreement. Both of course totally paralysed and excited at the same time. “Where is the driveway actually?”, we ask ourselves when we arrive at our new home…. we choose a sort of entrance that doesn’t arrive straight at the house, not knowing that this will be our final choice. We think we’re very well prepared, with our table cloth and bedding, there is a table and an old bed, we haven’t tried the fireplace yet but that’ll work for sure.

Finca Feliz - uiterst gelukkig

Short from suffocated by the smoke of the fireplace the first evening, and totally broke after our first night in the almost till the ground sagging mattress and way too short Spanish bed for us tall Dutch, we’re utterly happy. What a place! Wow! We’re in awe, turning silent, so much to discover on óur land! The first few days we just walk around and enjoy everything we see.

Finca Feliz - Genieten van alles dat we zien

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