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Finca Feliz - Se Vende/For Sale Burga valley

Yes let’s do it! Let’s go and have a look! Exciting! 80km inland, beautiful places, but very deserted. Villages with 3,5 elderly people… far away from airport, cities, construction markets etc. Closer to the coast?
Purely by chance we enter the Burga valley… We fall in love… 45 minutes drive from Reus Airport, cities around, dynamic villages, even construction markets and the like seem to be relatively close… And purely by chance again we meet a fantastic, helpful real estate agent. The day before we would have left without any results she shows us three locations, and one is…. wow! We fly back and a few days later we make an offer.

Finca Feliz - failed purchase/very nice real estate agent

Mas Biscorn it’s called, a square piece of land with an olive yard, a very old building and yesss, a water source! The owner accepts our offer immediately. Only to ask suddenly much more four days later. This is not allowed in the Netherlands, but somehow here it seems to be possible. We’re very disappointed and so angry. The real estate agent as well, maybe even more than us. Apparently she invested already a lot of her own money in advertising the place for him… she immediately stops doing business with the guy. She regrets it a lot, but now she knows what we’re looking for, she’s going to put some extra effort to find us something…

Finca Feliz - Mas Burgans

Two weeks later we receive a whatsapp message with a couple of pictures and a location. It’s called Mas Burgans and is part of the municipality Tivissa. It’s not yet on her website, she wants to give us the first choice. We’re quite impressed. No water source, but what a wonderful location, a good working water reservoir, and a building surface which is quite rare this area.
Thinking, thinking, thinking… what shall we do? She sends us a video of the location. It offers a lot of possibilities. We study the location on google maps.
And then, beng! we decide, without having seen it, we make an offer. Accepted! With the option of a week to have a look on the spot and confirm the purchase.

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