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January 2019 : "Keeping your head cool during big changes. How to continue, even if you almost pee in your pants?"
February 2019 : "Heart-and-Soul-Why"
March 2019 : "Sustainability?"
April 2019 : "Snapshots"
May 2019 : "Bent above the toilet"
June 2019 : "Nothing"

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December 4, 2019

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Our dogs greet us enthusiastically.
The wood stove heats up quickly.
We land again in the silence of nature, of our finca.
The wind has subsided.
Nature enjoys the rain that has been.
Grace! Our turmoil seeps away.

It is quiet in the waiting room.
Or no, not really.
The people who are waiting their turn, yes, they are silent.
But the TV that is on all day here is not.
It is just loud enough to be able to hear what is being said.
And whether you want it or not, you "have to" watch.

We watch as well.
We take a peek again at the world around us.
A world from which we withdrew as much as possible 1.5 years ago.

The dentist is delayed, we are waiting for 40 minutes.
We are being bombarded by talk shows and advertisements for 40 minutes.
The images follow each other at a rushing pace.
Sometimes even with different images at the same time.
Enormous amounts of information are being poured out over us.

It doesn't take long for the restlessness to creep up on us.
Well, to be honest, it drives us crazy.
We can’t wait until we are back at our finca.

I've noticed it many times since we live here.
Looking at the trees, walking across our land.
Everything is a creation.
We are a creation, nature is, the earth is, everything. This is magical and wonderful. Immense and too an extent incomprehensible.
Then there are also human creations. Thoughts, beliefs, assumptions, expectations, words, every image, every belief, every wish, every idea about what reality is, about what is true and what is not.
And beyond all those creations (or around, below, or however you want to see this) is Love and Life. Life that lives and gives. Without judgment. It is also called Am. Or energy. Some even call it god.

The longer I live here, the more unnatural the human-made world seems to me. Yes, I also enjoy our creations, all the ingenious ideas and discoveries. I also use them. I charge my phone, I get in the car and sometimes on the plane, I can find all kinds of information via internet, I am being helped by the dentist.
But living and being here puts everything in a much broader perspective for me. The perspective of "what do you take with you when you leave the earth", and "what embodies connection and what not,” "what is important and what is not" ...

For us the answers lie here with our finca, with the animals, the nature, the trees and plants, the space and quietness and the lovely people that we may receive and meet here.

The answers are different for everyone.
And are always moving as our consciousness grows.
That is what makes life so exciting for me.
And that makes me so curious about you.
What are your answers to those questions?

January 15, 2019


A hefty man walked past us.
A white bunny in his hand, as if it were a brick.
The bunny was numb with fear.
It seemed lifeless.
I was shocked: where did we end up?

In a sort of slow-motion I looked around me.
Dead white rabbits everywhere, haphazardly on the ground.
Here and there a lost leg.
Soft moaning sounds from very small boxes.
And the smell ...

I turned around and walked away.
I don't want to be here!
We wanted manure.
Manure for our trees before the predicted rain comes.
Just not like this.

But once outside something really strange happened.
I went back again.
I just didn't want to close my eyes for this.

While “praying”, I walked over the terrain.
My heart overflowing with love for the rabbits.
For the people who work here too.
What a poverty.
You can't call this life.
And love just kept flowing.
Inner tears too.

We took the rabbit poop.
Spread it with love around our trees.
We are not going back again.