Terms and Conditions for your stay at Finca Feliz

For us, norms and values ​​such as respect, care, honesty and direct and open communication are very important. In order to make your stay with us as pleasant as possible, we therefore want to inform you in advance of our preconditions.

  1. Dryness and fire hazard:
    FInca Feliz is located in a very dry country with big fire risk. We are therefore extremely careful with everything that has to do with fire.
    From March 15 to October 15 it is absolutely not allowed to smoke, barbecue or make a campfire on our property. Cooking is only allowed in the kitchen.

  2. Peace and space:
    Our guests come to us for peace and space. We therefore expect that all our guests will take this into account and prevent noise nuisance. That is to say: no music/instruments or noises hearable for others, and silence between 22:00 in the evening - 8:30 in the morning.

  3. Carefulness:
    We assume that our items are handled with care.
    Of course something can break or defect, unfortunately we have to charge you with the related costs or it needs to be replaced by you.
    Moving inside inventory outside is not allowed.
    If you leave for the day please close the tent and, in the event of rain or strong wind, place any seat cushions indoors and close the sunshade.
    When you depart, we assume that the room, including the kitchen and shower, is left tidy and clean.

  4. Biodiversity:
    We are working to enrich our soil and give biodiversity space to develop. Everything which grows here is very dear to us. Walking a lot can damage the soil. We therefore particularly appreciate it if no flowers etc. are picked and you only use the little trails.

  5. Animals:
    We have 2 dogs, 2 cats and chickens on our property. So unfortunately you can’t bring your pats with you.
    Our cats and dogs are not allowed inside the tent. And it is absolutely not allowed to feed our animals, even if they ask gently for it.

  6. Own responsibility:
    We assume that everyone is responsible for their own things and health. We are not responsible for theft and damage to personal items or any form of physical injury. In the event that something does happen we are of course willing to help solve the situation wherever possible.

  7. Type of stay:
    Holiday stays are a minimum of 5 days, a maximum of 3 weeks.
    Other conditions apply to retreats, these are not included here and are discussed personally.

  8. Reservation/payment:
    We want to give as many people as possible the opportunity to enjoy the environment here. That is why we have to apply some conditions for the booking and payment of a stay with us.
    This regards only holiday stays. Other conditions apply to retreats, these are not included here and are discussed personally.

    Half of the total amount is paid in advance upon reservation; the remaining amount will be paid to us on arrival. Any breakfasts and dinners can be paid on the spot. We can’t accept pin or credit card payments.

    A reservation is valid for 10 days, within which period the deposit has to be paid. If not, the reservation will be canceled.

    In case of cancellation from your side the following terms apply:
    • More than one month before your stay, a quarter of the deposit will be charged and the remainder will be refunded.
    • More than 14 days before your stay, half of the deposit will be charged and the remainder will be refunded.
    • Three quarters of the deposit will be charged within 14 days before your stay and the remainder will be refunded.
    • The entire deposit will be charged within 7 days before the start of the stay.
    • Unfortunately, the entire amount must be paid within 48 hours before the start of the stay.

  9. Complaints:
    We hope not, but of course it is possible that there is a complaint about your stay or about us. We really appreciate it if you share this with us as quickly as possible so that we can look at a solution together.

  10. If necessary:
    If these preconditions are not respected, we will discuss this with you and, if necessary, request that you leave. No refund will then take place. In case you won’t leave by yourself, we’ll have to inform the local authorities and have you removed at your own costs.

  11. Finally:
    Finca Feliz is entitled at all times to change its general conditions. Of course, these changes do not apply if they are introduced during your stay.
    Dutch law applies to the general terms and conditions.

February 1st, 2019