Trees are the lungs of the earth...


Finca Feliz - Adopt or plant a tree

All our trees are unique characters.

However resilient they are, they still do need a lot of attention at the moment. Cutting them back, improving the soil, regulating water, creating biodiversity, etc. Would you enjoy supporting us with this? Adopt a tree! That way you help them giving their gift abundantly. You receive part of the harvest in a bottle at home. And you receive a 15% discount when you stay with us!

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One of the reasons to create a food forest is to help preventing the global loss of trees, bushes and plants

In the beginning a food forest means especially: planting planting planting. Trees, bushes, plants. Would you enjoy participating? Please let us know which tree or bush we can plant for you. This way the food forest also becomes a bit yours!

Choose your plant, bush or herb here!